Dark under eye circles? Here, our top concealer picks that are ideal for dry winter skin.

By Bella Gerard
December 05, 2017

Winter is a season of wonder—but one not-so-wonderful side effect? Dry, cracked skin from the cold winter air. And while it's easy to find moisturizing creams and lotions, hydrating makeup that still offers plenty of coverage can be a bit trickier to track down. Below, we've rounded up the best under eye concealers that will replenish your natural glow while still masking dark circles.


Our tip: To make these formulas easier to apply, warm them up by applying with your fingers, or opt for a tool to make sure they’re effortlessly buffed in—we love the Artis Circle 1R Brush, ($36, )—and get ready for your skin to look and feel fab all winter long.

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