Thanks to the Beachwaver curling iron, you can approach your day with the glamorous hair-power of a VS model.

By Bronwyn Isaac, HelloGiggles
Updated: December 06, 2016
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Most of the gorgeous and coveted require a combination of winning the genetic lottery, having a team of , and of course, having the .

This year many of the loose curls and tousled waves the models rocked at the featured a common denominator: the . So, basically, most of us can easily have luscious waves and volumized curls like the model’s themselves! The magical hair wand , so now we know what to ask Santa for this Christmas.

Now, with , some patient blow-drying, and the curling abilities of the Beachwaver , you can potentially approach your day with the glamorous hair-power of a VS model.

Or at least your hair can look really nice for a few hours (before it rains).

The proof is in the pudding, as the backstage photos reveal the Beachwaver being used to before she hit the runway.

The curling tool was also used to create beachy waves for the Victoria’s Secret model Elsa Hosk.

The Beachwaver Co. S1 has the ability to rotate in two opposite directions, and you can adjust the temperature, speed, and rotation according to your hair’s needs.

It’s only natural that and , got in on the loose curl action as well.

If you’re feeling inspired to try out your own runway curls, you can check out all of the and styling products at , , and .