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Following a paleo diet? You'll want to add these healthy must-haves to your shopping cart.

By Kathleen Felton
January 11, 2018

It may be millions of years old, but a paleo diet can be difficult to follow in today's world. The premise: You eat what our hunter-gather ancestors ate, including produce, meat, nuts, and seafood—and skip supermarket staples like grains, dairy, and legumes.


Now here's the good news: Thrive Market, the site that sells natural foods (as well as beauty products and household supplies) at wholesale prices, curates items by dietary category (from gluten-free to vegan), so it's easy to shop for paleo-approved foods. We received products from Thrive to try for review; and after taste-testing a wide selection of paleo items, we’ve rounded up our five favorites below.


Sign up for a trial with this link to get free shipping and $20 off your first three orders of $49 or more. We partnered with Thrive Market to bring Health readers this limited-time deal. Enjoy!

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