Preventing Heart Disease

How to Slash Your Heart Disease Risk by 83%

Eating right, exercising, not smoking, and reducing stress could help you live longer

What to Eat to Prevent Heart Disease

A good diet is always important for health, but the stakes are especially high for people with heart disease. Food can either help protect the heart or provide fuel for a heart attack. exercises for your ticker.

How to Maintain a Heart-Healthy Weight

Calories in, calories out will keep that scale at a number you'll want to see

10 Simple Food Choices for a Healthy Heart

Read how a well-rounded diet full of leafy greens and healthy fats can help lower your risk for heart disease

How to Quit Smoking

It isn't easy. Read up on 7 ways to finally put that bad habit to rest

The Heart of the Matter

Genes may be a big heart risk factor