Free the nipple!

By Anthea Levi
December 12, 2017

Got an ugly Christmas sweater? Here's a new way to wear it: taking a pair of scissors to it and creating reindeer boobs. Seriously, some very festive folks are actually cutting holes in the chests of their holiday sweaters, pulling their breasts through, and decorating them with red pasties and antlers to make them look like red-nosed reindeer. 

The trend gives a whole new meaning to freeing the nipple, and it's gaining traction on social media this season for some reason. But not just among women. Dudes are also getting in on the action by adorning their nipples with Rudolf-inspired accessories. 

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While we can’t say we’ll try it anytime soon, we’re all for watching the seasonal style play out online. Here, five creatively crafted reindeer boobs we can’t unsee.

A post shared by Santos Vazquez (@titosus_52) on

The snowflakes falling around this reindeer boob are a classy touch, no?

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When Halloween and Christmas have a (reindeer boob) baby.

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We think it’s smart this reindeer boob enthusiast opted against exposing flesh at her office Christmas party.

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Who said men can’t rock reindeer boobs?

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All. The. Reindeer. Boobs. You're welcome.