How to Break Your Addiction Forever

Managing the Cost of Quitting

Giving up smoking may be expensive, but you can get help

Make Quitting Easier With One-on-One Counseling

Individual therapy sessions will increase your chance of success

Smoking Blog: I'm Quitting Tomorrow

Follow Katherine on her 755th attempt to kick the habit

Counseling and a Nicotine Patch Helped Natasha Quit Smoking

An asthma attack sent her to the ER and motivated her to get healthy

Tiffany Quit Smoking With Anti-Anxiety Meds

Before she got help, her mood swings were out of control

Visualization Knocked Out Claire's Smoking Habit

She realized she was in control of her cravings

Liz Overcame Her Smoking Addiction With Exercise

She couldn't go cold turkey, so she made gradual changes

"My Sobbing Daughter Kept Me From Lighting Up Again"

After a smoking-related health scare, Tami realized that her kids needed a mom

"I Quit My Pack-a-Day Habit Cold Turkey"

Peter worried that his social life would suffer

"Support From Ex-Smokers Helped Me Kick My 10-Year Habit"

Kelly's supervisors warned her about cravings and weight gain

"Smoking Damaged the Most Important People in My Life"

A premature daughter and a sick mother prompted Shanna to quit

How to Quit Smoking Without Drugs

Motivational therapy for anyone ready to kick the habit

Book Excerpt: Nuala O’Faolain Struggled to Quit

In this passage from her 2003 memoir, the late Irish writer Nuala O’Faolain explains the mental anguish she experienced while trying to quit smoking—and how she finally learned to let go of her attachment to cigarettes. O’Faolain quit smoking in her 50s and died of lung cancer in May 2008 at the age of 68.

Quitting Smoking During Final Exams

Katherine studies without cigarettes

21 Days Without Cigarettes!

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30-Day Countdown to Quit Smoking

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Can Facebook Help You Quit Smoking?

Smokers can are turning to websites, Facebook pages, and even Twitter accounts to kick the habit