Is less really more?

By Blake Bakkila
February 13, 2018
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Full disclosure: I went commando last week.

Joey Tribbiani and Rachel Green may have helped popularize the term on that famous Friends episode back in 1996. But 22 years later, I was able to try out "reinvented" leggings from . The new California-based brand launched earlier this year after on Kickstarter. They've since released a range of styles, including a and another with , and are even .

Touted as costing around $20 less than my favorite pair of Lululemons, these leggings are supposed to give you a noticeable "booty boost" as well as eliminate the dreaded VPL (that’s "Visible Panty Line"). How is all of this possible, you ask? They require zero undies.

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As a loyal underwear-er, I was hesitant to test them out. When I’m on a long run, I don’t really think about (or care) if people in Central Park are aware of my VPL. But for athleisure purposes (and the sake of testing my performance sans undies), I gave it a go.

I ran four miles in the ($75; ) and they were surprisingly comfortable—even better, they did seem to make my booty look amazing. In fact, a pal asked, "Are those the leggings you were talking about?" I rejoiced in my now-confirmed boosted booty.

However, I could feel what I was missing. Something about the vertical seam and constant motion on the treadmill was, er, less than pleasant. I think this is more of a personal preference, but when I put on my Visakai leggings a second time, I wore a pair of underwear.

But if you’re looking for a more secure way to go commando with comfort, I highly recommend Visakai. The functionality of these leggings prompted me to wear them during a recent half marathon, too. With two (two!) pockets at the band, you can easily fit your essentials (ID, credit card, and keys). It was also a particularly cold morning, and the added support of their not-too-thick, breathable material made me think more about my race and less about the temp.

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With or without underwear, these leggings make you feel good. My next purchase will probably be the athleisure-encouraging ($78; ), which has sleek, moto-inspired accents.

The bottom line? Visakai lives up to the hype. Relatively affordable? Ranging from $69 to $78, I’d say check. Booty boosting? Double check. Freedom to go commando? If you’re into it, check.